What Is SilentComfort™ Technology?

SLP98V Lennox Gas Furnace

Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace

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What Is SilentComfort™ Technology?


Until recently, noisy furnaces were accepted as the norm. High noise levels were associated with heating your home. But today's technology allows you to choose a furnace that is not only highly efficient but also exceptionally quiet.
Sound is measured in decibels (dB). A decibel describes the relative loudness of a sound.
Although no financial savings are tied to it, sound rating of a heating system can directly affect your comfort. Your ears tell you what is too noisy and what seems quiet.
Most heating systems manufactured today are quieter than those produced in past years. But there is still a great difference in the sound levels of products on the market today.
At Lennox, we don't believe that you can ever be too comfortable in your own home. If you cherish the idea of a quiet day or evening at home, you'll appreciate the calm composure of Dave Lennox Signature® Collection furnaces, designed with exclusive SilentComfort™ Technology.
For example, the Lennox SLP98V Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace is at least 50 percent quieter than competitor's furnaces, making the SLP98V gas furnace the quietest furnace you can buy1.
SilentComfort™ is achieved by utilizing variable-speed technology. In other words, this furnace has a high and low speed. Since the low speed setting is adequate to meet household-heating demands approximately 80 percent of the time, the furnace is much quieter than a conventional single-stage furnace.
In addition, the variable-speed motor ramps up gradually, eliminating the sudden "kick" or blast of air upon startup.
Unlike other furnaces, the gas burners are contained within a patent-pending sound enclosure. Special sound-absorbing insulation has been added to the cabinet to further reduce the operation noise.
With the new Dave Lennox Signature® Collection furnaces, designed with exclusive SilentComfort™ technology, sound is no longer a barrier to home comfort.
Your local Lennox Dealer can show you additional benefits of owning the quietest furnace you can buy1.